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In regards to this post.

This list is tentative. It will be updated ASAHP with photographs and descriptions when I have more time to do so (plus, I need to make sure I have the bandwidth to host before I put pictures up). However, here is a list of everything I think that I am able to sell at this point.

The prices I have listed are, literally, the middle of the road between Amazon and eBay. Yes, I checked everything that I could. I am not going to rip people off here. That said, there are some items (i.e. the doujinshi) that I cannot find online, so I am selling them for the same price I purchased them at.

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Please comment, if you are interested, with contact information. All comments will be screened for privacy's sake. I will reblog everywhere again when photos are added.

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Emergency medical reasons are making money not even tight, but pretty much impossible to pay bills at this rate. Dawn has developed a cyst on her right wrist, which is her dominant hand, and a doctor has put her on a strict light-duty regimen until she has surgery. .

Her job will not honor the doctor's note, told her she is a liability, and sent her home until she has had surgery and the following physical therapy and can thus return to her normal job duties. She can take a leave of absence, so her employment is not in jeopardy, but there are still the obvious issues.

Not working means not being able to pay rent, the car bill, or for food. Which means that even paying for the consultation with the specialist (who, the earliest she can see us for that even is the 27th, lord only knows when the surgery itself will be) is also impossible. Much less the surgery. Or the recovery.

I'm going to gather together a bunch of items to sell that I've been sitting on - some games, some doujin, some art books, even some furniture - and am going to take photographs and put it up for sale. Please keep an eye on this spot. Pictures will be linked to as soon as humanly possible.

Please, guys. This is not good. =/

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