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{ welcome to the thoughts of a cowards' disband }

:: now you're in the shadows of an angel's wingspan ::

on the LAM
5 August 1985
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&   b   a   s   i   c

name: Lucas Anthony McCormick
answers to: Lucas; Tony; Tone
eyes: Green
hair: ???
wearing: Worn jeans. T-shirts. Torn up sneaks. A million piercings. Collar.
miscellaneous: Undershirts and hoodies. Rings. Tattoos. Armbands.

&   d   e   t   a   i   l

Digital artist. Webdesigner. Author. Gamer. Geek. Fanboy. Sarcastic. Stubborn. Singer of random songs at inappropriate times. Internet lurker. Arcade whore. Easily amused. Loud. Online roleplayer. Tabletop roleplayer. Cosplayer. Con-goer. Irish. Italian. Black sheep. Physical. Emotional. Resourceful. Mental. Temperamental. Punk. Car-lover. Cat-lover. Completely in lust with the Colt 1911A1. Can't decide on a steady hair color. Can totally admit a candy addiction. Would love to move out-of-country. Could live without the state of Texas. Couldn't survive without hot tea. Could eat sushi every single day. Very happily off the market.

&   f   r   i   e   n   d   s

100% friends-only.